To guide every individual on the path of righteousness in the light of Islam


To train every individual to learn the accent of QUR’AAN and understand the message of THE ALMIGHTY.

Our Pillars

Al Ansaar Educational and Welfare Trust registerd at Hyderabad, Telangana State, India.
Al Ansaar Educational and Welfare Trsut operations are based on three pillars:

1. Education
2. R & D of Fiqaah
3. Social Works

These three pillars are spread across Skill Development, Employment Generation, Women Empowerment, Poverty Alleviation, Relief & Rehabilitation, Awerness Among Citizens of Environment, Culture, Health, Aid Programmes etc.

Our Courses

Noorani Qaida

Duration: 3 Months, Monthly Fee: 500

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Including Nisab-e-Deniyaat
If you want to start learning Quran, the first thing you think about is Qaidah. At Quran Academy, we have the experienced and qualified teachers who teaches Noorani Qaidah and Nisab e Deniyaat in 3 months. You have the choice to join this program and learn using effective and creative methods to master Noorani Qaidah with ease. Enjoy with our effective 3 Months Noorani Qaidah now.

Nazera Quran

Duration: 1 Year, Monthly Fee: 1500

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Including Nisab-e-Deniyaat, Talimul Islam(Part-1)
Nazra-e-Quran is the course of recitation of the Holy Quran. Nazra means reciting the Holy Quran by looking at the Holy Book. The recitation of the Holy Quran daily will have blessings of Allah on us. The Holy Quran is an important Book for All of us. Holy Quran is not for a specific. So, we have high qualified Islamic teachers who will teach you each and everything you should know about. We will try to deliver our best.

Hifz e Quran

Duration: 2-3 Years, Monthly Fee: 3000

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Including Talimul Islam P-2, 3, Basic Arabic & English Languages
This is an unlimited course for students who want to memorize the Quran. This course is not restricted to a number of months and completely depends upon the students capacity to learn and memorize it. During this course We will teach them Basic Shariyah Information with the help of Talimul Islaam(book) and Basic Arabic & English Languages.
You can enroll with us with this program and avail the benefits of learning and memorizing the Quran with and effectiveness.

Taleem –e- Baleghan

Duration: 4 Months, Monthly Fee: 1000

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Including Quran with Tajweed & Translation, Taleemul Islam
(Gents & Ladies)

This program is specially design the people who had dropped their Quran or Islamic studies or even not involve in such activities in childhood. This course will cover the following topics: Tajweed Ul Quraan,Tafseer Ul Quraan, Ahadeeth Rasul (s.a.w.), Fiqh (Jurisprudence), Aqaid (Creed), Arabic Language.

Quranic Arabic Course

Duration: 4 Months, Monthly Fee: 2000

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This course is designed for people who wants to understand the Quran but are too busy or who think Qur’an is difficult to learn. The academy has designed the courses that uses Scientific and creative way to teach Quranic Arabic.

Diploma in Tajweed ul Quran

Duration: 3 Months, Monthly Fee: 750

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This course is an introduction to proper recitation of the Quran. Students learn the correct pronunciation of the Arabic letters, as well as the rules of correct recitation of the Qur’an.

Diploma in Qiraat (ba-riwayat-e-hafs)

Duration: 3 Months, Monthly Fee: 750

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This course help in reading the Quran with proper Arabic accent and pronunciation keeping the melody high for the listeners. At Quran Academy, you get the opportunity to learn the art of Qirat from our experienced and qualified teachers on a one-on-one basis. It is a specially designed course that helps in the Quran recitation with ample time to get an edge on it.

Basic Arabic Language & Communication

Duration: 6 Months, Monthly Fee: 1000

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This program will provide students with a strong foundation in the Arabic language with an emphasis on the skills of reading and comprehension.

Advance Diploma In Arabic Language

Duration: 1 Year, Monthly Fee: 600

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This course will cover the following Thinks:
Parts of speech. (Ism, Fi`al, and Harf). verb tenses. verb conjugation. The concept of the morphology pattern (al-mizaan as-sarfi). The words’ roots and relations. Nominal and verbal sentences. The essential part of sentences.The I`araab and different types of I`araab. Practice applying grammar rules on a daily basis.



What Parents Says About us

Al-Ansar Academy Tolichowki Hyderabad is a pure islamic institute it’s purpose is to bring back peoples of all ages to the islamic culture and to create religious education and awareness in them.

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For the past few years, my children have been associated with this islamic institute, and many people are not only getting religious education, but they are also getting excellent training, which makes their daily life fall into the islamic template. This is the result of the institute director’s hard-work and the teacher’s efforts. May Allah gives them best reward for their dedication. And give the institute daily development.

Al-Ansar Quran Academy has revolutionized my son’s Arabic knowledge. When my child goes anywhere and conveys “Salam” people call him and say Ma sha Allah and the very next question I am asked is where does he studies?

( Abrar Ahmed )

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My kid has been associated with Al-Ansar Quran Academy since he was 4 years old, Al- Ansar Academy had an age limit of 6 years but based on my request and requirement they have changed their policy and gave him special attention and groomed him.

My child is very moody and grumpy, but Academy handles him phenomenally and my kid loves going to Academy and there has never been any compliant from my kid that he has been beaten or ill-treated.

Every child has different abilities Al- Ansar Academy ensures to take up different teaching techniques to excel them, they are so passionate about teaching they just don’t make child read Quran but also explains them in depth with grammar about each alphabet and sounds and even if the child is absent for single day they call and follow up regarding his were about.

Al-Ansar has created a tremendous impact on my child and every time my child recites any verse of Quran my heart is filled with joy!!!!

I wish whole staff of Al-Ansar Quran Academy best of luck and my special thanks to Ansar Saab – The man behind this powerful knowledge house!!!

I am humbled and grateful to Al Ansaar Academy for their tremendous work in education the students with Hifz E Quran, seerat , Emaaniyat ,Akhlaq and other areas of DEEN.

( Ahtesham Babar Nazmi )

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Al ansaar Academy is an excellent platform which recognizes and appreciates the kids strength and motivate them to improve.

Teachers are well qualified and caring who undergo multiple rounds of selection process on basis of knowledge, Akhlaq , patience , sincerity ,puntuality and fiker of DEEN. They are so cordial and polite MASHA ALLAH.

I am really pleased with the progress of my children and amazing service from the teachers of academy with a safe and comfortable environment.

Maulana Ansar Ul Haq is a pious and practising ALIM with full of EMAAN, Akhlaq , and follower of Sunnah. His patience ,dedication and commitement towards our children’s improvement is really commendable.
May ALLAH subhanahu Ta’la accept the Academy’s hard work and bring more success in upcoming time.


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